What is ERCP?

ERCP, Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography, is a procedure to treat problems of the bile and pancreatic ducts. Unlike MRCP, magnetic resonance cholangiography, which is only a diagnostic test, ERCP offers both diagnostic and therapeutic treatment.

When is ERCP used?

ERCP is used when it is suspected a person’s bile or pancreatic ducts may be narrowed or blocked due to:

· Tumors, such as pancreatic cancer, bile duct cancer

· Stones that are stuck in the ducts causing jaundice and pain

· Inflammation, such as pancreatitis

· Gates in the ducts that called sphincters, which won’t open properly

· Scarring or narrowing of the ducts

· Pseudocysts—accumulations of fluid and tissue debris

· Bile leak after gallbladder surgery